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What is The BodyTalk System™?

The BodyTalk System is safe, non-invasive, fast and effective. And it will change the way you look at health care forever.

Developed by Dr. John Veltheim in the mid-1990s, BodyTalk is a marriage of ancient wisdom and modern medical knowledge. This exciting new paradigm in healthcare is a combination of advanced yoga, advaitic philosophy, modern physics, mathematics, the energy dynamics of acupuncture, the clinical findings of applied kinesiology and Western medical expertise. More about Dr. Veltheim

BodyTalk is a form of therapy that allows the body’s energy systems to be synchronized so they can operate as nature intended. Restoring lines of communication and reestablishing the synchronization of the body’s various systems enables the body’s mechanism to function at optimum levels, preventing disease and rapidly accelerating the healing process.

The emphasis in BodyTalk is on addressing the underlying factors of disease and maintaining the health of the body. One of the main philosophies of BodyTalk is that if the body is functioning well – that is, all the lines of communication are there and all the organs are communicating and operating at their optimal level – then the body itself can and does maintain health and facilitate self-healing. Obviously there are some limitations to this, as in serious injuries or illnesses where drug therapy, surgery and other modern medical methods are also required.

BodyTalk is a stand alone system that can be used to treat many health problems, and it can also be seamlessly integrated into any health care system, increasing its effectiveness and promoting faster healing.

How does it work?

The BodyTalk System recognizes that within each of us there lies the innate knowing of who we are and what makes our bodies work. This innate wisdom carries the answers to our health care issues and is addressed in the following way.

The BodyTalk System facilitates communication with the innate wisdom of the body by using neuromuscular biofeedback.
By following a comprehensive protocol of questions, the BodyTalk practitioner can establish exactly what balancing the body needs in order to harmonize the body/mind function. This involves finding out which organs, endocrines, or body parts need to be connected to heal communication between them at the physiological, biochemical, circulatory, nervous, emotional and/or energy levels.
When an imbalance is found, the areas are simply contacted with the client’s and/or practitioner’s hands. While the client breathes deeply and fully, the practitioner lightly taps, first on the head, and then on the sternum. This process reestablishes communication within the body and mind which activates the body’s innate healing abilities.

Experiments with biofeedback apparatus show that when this tapping occurs while specific parts are being touched, there is a major increase in brain activity in relation to those parts. The tapping on the sternum stores the changes in the heart energy complex, which ensures that the new balance is held in deep memory and is, therefore, lasting.

How can it help?

Typical conditions that respond well to BodyTalk Balance Sessions are:

Musculoskeletal problems
These can include acute sports injuries, back problems, and muscular disorders in addition to acute and chronic joint disorders such as arthritis.

Learning and behavioral disorders
These include dyslexia, ADD, fears and phobias and compulsive behavioral patterns. BodyTalk is especially effective in aiding children and young adults with their developmental challenges.

Accumulated toxins
The BodyTalk System can stimulate rapid elimination of accumulated toxins from the body. These include Sulfur, silicylates (including Aspirin), Mercury, other heavy metals and many chemicals that contribute to allergy reactions.

Viruses and infections
BodyTalk can specifically activate an immune response to chronic viruses and infections that have been undetected by the immune system. This has particular application in the improvement of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Digestive disorders
BodyTalk can specifically address the underlying factors that are contributing to poor digestion. Be they physical, emotional, environmental or combination there of.

General health disorders
Any therapy that improves the efficiency of the general nervous system and energy systems of the body will, as a natural consequence, contribute to improving the total health and vitality of a person or animal.

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