Transformational BodyTalk

Interview with Dr. Kelley Benware N.D.

Dr. Kelley Benaware, N.D.

Dr. Kelley Benaware, N.D.

1. How did you hear about BodyTalk?

“I had heard about BodyTalk a few times over the last two years and on the third time I thought it was time to pay attention! So I went to your website. I liked your bio and I got a good hit off your picture. I also went to the International BodyTalk Association website and from there clicked on a link to Dr. Travis Elliott’s website, who is also a Naturopathic Physician. And what he said really spoke to me so I decided to call you for an appointment.”

2. What did you like about the BodyTalk session?

“I was very impressed by the space you held for me. I felt very safe and you had a neutral integrity about this work. You were very human and related to me from that place. I felt heard and non- judged and I was drawn into what my body was going to ask for.”

3. What were you looking for?

“I was looking for a new and deeper relationship with myself. I was looking for a tool that validated and expanded my quantum concepts about healing and knowledge to this point. I wanted to go beyond the structure of my training, at the same time honoring my knowledge and taking it to a new level of creativity.

I find that BodyTalk meets you where you are and allows you to expand; to ask and explore the deeper questions of yourself in a safe and neutral environment.”

4. How did you think BodyTalk could help your practice?

“I thought BodyTalk would help me be a better Naturopathic Physician, because it would develop me as a person first and bring that growth to my clients in the form of clarity and presence.”

5. How has BodyTalk enhanced or changed your Naturopathic practice?

“It has really deepened the understanding of the philosophy I carry, which is that patients will heal themselves given the proper balance within their systems. BodyTalk gives me a way to ask very clearly what is the priority to achieving this balance. This not only takes away a lot of the guesswork but it also takes away the heavy responsibility of feeling like I have to have all the right answers for every individual; with this system, the individual can tell me exactly what they need to find balance in their own unique physiology and psychology.

Medicine is not a hard and fast science, it is based on commonality. It is a practice because we are always learning, there are no absolutes. We use our education and knowledge to practice the art of medicine.”

6. Has BodyTalk made your practice more enjoyable?

“Well yes it feels much lighter. The heaviness of the process work has been lifted. I don’t feel I need to have all the answers. I can look to the patient’s deeper wisdom for their own best answers to balance their system. It relieves me and them and goes beyond the machinations of the conscious minds of both of us. BodyTalk helps me look beyond the symptoms to the whole person. Often the pain / symptom is the body’s way of getting our attention, it is just the tip of the iceberg. To best address this therefore the body may well take us to a deeper layer and by reestablishing better communication with the whole their innate wisdom can then take care of the isolated part. The balancing therefore has the potential to go so much deeper than when we just focus on fixing the parts.

When we can improve the synchronization and communication within the body we create a systemic balance that removes the need for not only the symptom, but optimizes the function and well being of the whole as well.

We ask the patient’s deeper wisdom to find out what is the priority factor that is contributing and/or underlying their symptoms. By addressing the body at this level we are able to take exponential leaps towards their greater health and wellbeing.”

7. Do you have a testimonial to share from the practitioner’s perspective?

“There are so many great things I can attribute to this as I continue to utilize and work with The BodyTalk System. I gain more and more clarity about the healing process. It helps me continue to remove layers of ego, and to move through patterns that no longer serve me, it helps me optimize the use of all parts of myself and my education. The BodyTalk System offers me the opportunity to use my right and left brain function, my mind and body, my unconscious and conscious mind in a creative and inspiring way. It has helped bring lightness, ease and excitement back into my medical practice and my patients are excited too. Thank you!”

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