Transformational BodyTalk

Interview with Dr. Travis Elliott N.D

Dr. Travis Elliott

Dr. Travis Elliott

1. How did you find out about BodyTalk?

“I found out about The BodyTalk System™ at a weekly Business Networking group. A Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP) was part of this group and she was sharing with us her excitement about this system. At first I was very skeptical until I realized she was getting some great results.

At the time I was having a difficult time making any progress with one particular patient so I decided to refer her to the CBP and I asked if I could sit in and observe the session. I was very impressed with what I saw. BodyTalk is such a complete holistic system and after observing the session in action, as well as being able to see the comprehensive protocol chart, I was even more intrigued and impressed and wanted to find out more.”

2. Why did you decide to take the training?

“Well the week after observing my first BodyTalk session, Dr. Veltheim, the founder of BodyTalk, came to Portland to give a public lecture. I went to the lecture thinking that if I liked what I heard, I would dive in and take the training.

I have always wanted a system for my patients’ that is flexible; one that allows me to individualize the treatment for each patient. As a naturopath I had been working really hard to get marginal results and here was a CBP who was getting better results and she had no medical training. I was fascinated and I thought this really could be a missing link in my healthcare practice.”

3. How has BodyTalk enhanced or changed your practice?

“I find that BodyTalk is fits well with my practice and greatly enhances my results. Patients are happy to be deeply involved in their healing process.

The other surprising thing, that I soon realized, was that I used more of my Anatomy and Physiology knowledge within the first month of doing BodyTalk sessions than I had in the previous 2 years. This system offers me a creative format within which to use my knowledge. The structure of the BodyTalk protocol offers me a system that brings everything I know about the Bodymind complex together into one patient visit. I can actually use anatomy and physiology alongside Chinese Medical Theory effortlessly. This is a truly integrated approach to healthcare.”

4. Has BodyTalk made your practice more enjoyable?

“Oh yes! It has taken away the burden of responsibility. I don’t have to come up with all the brilliant answers that doctors are expected to provide. The session is guided by the innate wisdom of the patient, which in turn works with my knowledge and expertise and hence facilitates a true partnership in healing.

Instead of;
Doctor (his knowledge and experience) + objective signs & symptoms = solution (a prescription given, something from the outside)

It is;
Doctor (his knowledge and experience) + deep wisdom within the patient = solution (innate wisdom balancing coming from within)

Knowledge vs. knowing is a two-sided coin. Many systems just focus on one side. BodyTalk combines both sides of the coin leading to wisdom based healthcare.”

5. How has BodyTalk helped you personally / with patients?

“My first BodyTalk experience was in class on the first day of the Modules 1 + 2 training. It came up that my Sphenoid Basilar junction was restricted. A simple technique was performed to guide my innate wisdom to reevaluate this junction and repair it. Within minutes I could breathe in deeper than I had in years and l was amazed at the speed of the shift. I also had a flashback to when I was 20 and had been hit on the head by a falling stereo speaker and I don’t think I had breathed well since!

Within days of taking the BodyTalk training I had a patient come in that I had been working with for quite some time regarding her allergies and we were making little progress. After one session her allergies were gone completely and now one year later they are still gone.”

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