Transformational BodyTalk

Class Descriptions

Gilly’s understanding and enthusiasm was an inspiration and I look forward to being part of the BodyTalk system, which I believe will be the healing of the future — UK, 2005

Introduction Lecture

Topics Covered

  • History of The BodyTalk System
  • Fundamental principles of The BodyTalk System
  • How BodyTalk can integrate with other systems of health
  • Introduce BodyTalk Access
  • Explain the difference between BodyTalk Access and Full BodyTalk Sessions
  • Learn the basic cortex correction to improve brain function & reduce stress
  • Explain how a BodyTalk session is tailored made to address each client’s symptoms
  • Explain how The BodyTalk System addresses common health problems
  • Do a live demonstration of a BodyTalk session

BodyTalk Access

Topics Covered

  • Health empowerment in 10 minutes
  • 5 Basic BodyTalk techniques combined into a daily regime
  • Empowers people to rely less on the medical systems and take more responsibility for their own health and that of their families
  • Designed to maintain health and balance the body’s major energy systems
  • Designed to optimize brain clarity and function
  • Designed to strengthen the immune system
  • Stress management
  • Fast Aid protocol
  • Based on sound scientific energy principles
  • Can be taught to anyone

BodyTalk Fundamentals (Modules 1 2)

Section 1

  • Getting Permission for Body/Mind Access
  • Basic Cortex Correction for Neurological Imbalance
  • Switching (Basic Dyslexia Treatment)
  • Balancing Sphenobasilar Junction
  • Balancing Hydration and Water Metabolism
  • Clearing Scars and Adhesions
  • Linking Organs, Endocrines, Body Parts
  • Specific Brain Balancing

Section 2

  • Linking the Body/Mind to Environmental Factors

Section 3 (covered in Matrix Dynamics / Module 9)

Section 4

  • Addressing Viruses, Infections, Parasites, Food Intolerances, Toxins, and Allergens
  • Clearing Emotions, Phobias, and Belief Systems from the Body/Mind Complex
  • Cellular Repair (addressing vaccines, hereditary and other acquired diseases)
  • Clearing the Lymphatic System
  • Improving the Circulatory and Nervous Systems
  • Balancing the Chakras
  • Facilitating the Body/Mind through the Traditional Chinese Medicine Pulses and Wei Qi
  • Unwinding the Spine, aligning the Musculoskeletal System specifically and in general

BodyTalk Extensive (Advanced Modules)

Topics Covered

  • Detailed review of the protocol procedure
  • Review of BT principles
  • Review of Innate wisdom of client vs. Innate clarity of practitioner
  • More in depth examination of the Appendices
  • Increasing reliability of yes/no answers
  • Development of a BodyTalk practice
  • How to use an intake form effectively
  • How to follow up with your clients and asking for referrals
  • Practice-oriented workshop
  • All sessions are live (sometimes we bring in members of the public)
  • Group live sessions in front of class

BioDynamics (Modules 4 7)

Topics Covered

  • Review of Advanced Procedure DVD (Parcels, packages, satellites, parallel sessions, subsessions)
  • Five Elements
  • Wei Qi (extrinsic energy system)
  • Breathing Cycle – a study of all aspects
  • Diaphragm – its role in emotional synthesis & a specific releasing technique to improve its function
  • Bodygenics – a technique designed to safely remove stuck emotions from the body tissues to enhance function
  • Body Vivaxis – realigns the energy patterns of the body which in turn can realign the physical structure greatly enhancing function
  • Muscle relationships – study the emotional and psychological relationships of the major muscles and how to use this knowledge to correct imbalances/injuries
  • Skeletal injuries – guidelines in using BT to address acute and chronic sports injuries. This goes far beyond just sports injuries – recovery from surgery, accidents, strokes and chronic pain. Learn to perform all techniques energically.
  • Performance – Sports – using an agenda session to prepare for a sporting event
  • Performance – General – using an agenda to prepare for any demanding specific situation e.g. surgery, exam, public speaking, artistic performance